The Benefits of Video Marketing

They say a picture can speak a thousand words, but a video can say more. The importance of videos in marketing cannot be underrated. Website users in most cases recall what they watched and not what they read. Videos are striking and call for more actions like searching for more information on the website. The following are five reasons why you need to implement video marketing for SEO purposes.

Boost Your Brand

A well-designed video can significantly boost the awareness of your brand in addition to the overall success of the website. Videos create attention more than pictures or audios. For this reason, you need to make use of videos on your websites to get more clicks than your competitors with plain texts. People prefer things that are more engaging like videos and even the busy customers find it easy to consume content through videos and not in text articles. 

By using both pictures and sound, videos provide a clear way of showcasing a product. The customer will be able to see and check on the descriptions of the product to know the exact thing that is being offered and make it easy to make orders. Text-based articles may not adequately capture a product or service features hence; video marketing is the most effective strategy.

Videos Retain Your Visitors Longer

Videos are also known to have a “sticky” effect on the website. They help the overall retention of time on the site. Depending on the video content, users will spend more time on the site, and this renders the site more relevant to the user’s query. Relevant sites are awarded more clout by Google and so the more the time users spend on your website, the higher the chances of it rising in rank. 

Video marketing has a role of offering a quick communication of useful information. It is through videos that consumers find an opportunity of sampling content after which they decide to read the lengthy articles. Videos with quality content and precise marketing goals will implore consumers to create back-links to the site. People wouldn’t like to share obvious information with their peers; so critically think of what consumers would love to hear and share. The effectiveness of videos also depends on the format applied. Complex videos will be difficult to understand, so simpler formats should be used and include animation, photo montages and making the videos short. Check out Goliath Marketing’s YouTube and Vimeo channel for an example of some great marketing videos.

Videos Can Help Rank Your Page

Using videos for marketing also increases the chances of a website being ranked on the first page. The presence of a video on the website is evidence that the content availed is of quality, and this is enough to signal the search engine on the rich media content of the site. Your website is then deemed relevant to search requests and then rises in rank because it has included a video which is one of the ranking factors.

In conclusion, video marketing is an efficient strategy for growth in accessibility and popularity. Customers prefer watching videos as opposed to reading texts; they also remember more of what they have watched and less of what they have read. These are the ideal components for achieving your marketing goals.