Social Bookmarking Tips

Social bookmarking is a great tool for sharing and organizing personal links but is also a great way of increasing interest in your brand and traffic to your website. The following are the top five tips for getting the most out of social bookmarking for business.

social bookmarking

1.    Create Engaging Content

If you do not create interesting content, you will not get far with social bookmarking. Users on social bookmarking websites such as Reddit will only share links they find amusing, relevant, or useful. Consider maintaining a blog with on topic and currently trending posts. This is solid SEO advice that search engines are all about quality content for end users and is something you need to strive to provide always.


2.    Choose The Proper Network

Social bookmarking works best only when you are posting links in the proper places. For instance, Reddit users tend to appreciate playful, interesting, and unserious links. If you are an engineering firm, perhaps Reddit is not your ideal platform. A key thing to keep in mind is that social bookmarking websites are not like search engines. They are comprised of users that have different interests. When choosing your social bookmarking sites, always keep the community in mind.

3.    Tag Effectively

The most important aspect of using social bookmarking is ensuring that you tag your content appropriately so that the right users see it. Every social bookmarking website has its unique way of tagging. For sites such as Delicious it is essential to understand this to ensure that your content reaches the right users. You need to understand the tags that receive the most exposure and the ones that are most relevant for your brand. YouTube is another site where you would want to use tags.

4.    Users Do Not Like Spam

Users are able to spot a bad marketing pitch from afar. If you choose to overload a social bookmarking website with low-quality links, your brand will suffer for it. For example, Reddit users are particularly wary of any direct marketing and are likely to down vote such links until they no longer appear on the website. For effective use of social bookmarking, create useful content that users feel compelled to share as opposed to obvious attempts at selling them something.

5.    Extend Your Reach With Paid Ads

Sometimes you need an extra push even when you have strong community interest and great content. Some social bookmarking websites offer paid advertising that promotes your links over unpaid content. For instance, StumbleUpon has its own advertising medium that helps to take some of the randomnesses out of the browsing experience and directs interested users to your content on a per-click basis. Social bookmarking is a good way of building up free, shared backlinks but paid links are great for broadening your marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Similar to utilizing business directors such as Yelp and Google + social bookmarking allows you to expand the reach of your brand. A Yelp page can help draw attention to your business locally and a Google + page helps to pinpoint the exact location of your business. To see an example of this visit Red Rain Seo Dublin. You will discover that if you have engaging and interesting content, you will not have to share the content yourself. Just like social media, user sharing drives social bookmarking websites. Therefore, you just might find your reach expanding organically as users continue to consume and share your links on your behalf. Click here for a list of the top 50 social bookmarking websites.